‘Working with Snakes’ Book Reviews

Good to know all your efforts are paying off. Your book is fantastic and in my opinion, a must have for any snake handler and of course a good read for any reptile enthusiast in general. Luke Dunn 2 November 2020

dividerYou have put knowledge of your lifetime and a lot of effort on it. You deserve the recognition Geoff. Amod Ghimire 2 November 2020 

dividerMate, I keep saying it, the book is going to be a best seller. You have done a fantastic job and it was one of my proudest moments when you gave me the opportunity to write the forward. Onward and upward. Robin Noye 2 November 2020

dividerGreat job Geoff, well researched and well-illustrated. Kudos to you for an excellent publication. Any serious snake consultant will value this manual. Cheers mate. Nev. (Burns) 30 September 2020

dividerThank you Geoff. Book arrived this morning. Wow, what a volume!!!! Congratulations!!!! I don’t think you will have trouble selling it, no matter the price. Well, I will have to get stuck into it over the next few days. There is a lot to be read. Cheers Gunther (Schmida) 1 Oct 2020

dividerI am almost through Working with Snakes and am finding it to be very informative and so worthy of a spot in my collection.
Fran (Grant) 7 Oct 2020

dividerThis is a remarkable body of work, Geoff. You should be really proud of this. I can’t imagine a more comprehensive resource, and there’s every chance it will save lives. And I don’t think there could be a more noble outcome for a book on wildlife than that.
Congratulations, and thank you. Nick (Clemann) 13 October 2020

dividerDear Geoff Coombe, I recently received your wonderful new book in the mail. Just wanted to congratulations on this fantastic piece of work, and I was pleasantly surprised to see my own blog quoted on P. 208 as Anonymous, 2018, RE translocation. I’m the author of the SOTB blog, link here. Anyway just wanted to give you a source for the quote, and say thanks again for putting out this great book, really enjoying it. Best Wishes Janne Torkkola 21 October 2020 www.snakeoutbrisbane.com.au

dividerG’day Geoff, I have read through a third of the book and skimmed through it at various chapters about a dozen times now, and I am very impressed. In my opinion, it is very well written to be received and understood for people at any level of the profession. It is excellent for those starting out, as too for those of us that have been in the profession for some time. I will be recommending your book to others. Kind regards, Stuart 30 Oct 2020