Working With Snakes


A compendium of Geoff Coombe’s life-long passion to help people understand snakes. (268 pages)

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‘Working with Snakes’ is a compendium of Geoff Coombe’s life-long passion to help people understand snakes and has culminated his knowledge in this “legacy” book.

For many decades Geoff has been actively involved in public displays, community snake awareness sessions and training courses throughout Australia and overseas.

This Manual thoroughly explores the numerous facets about working with snakes, primarily the venomous species of Australia. It is relevant to a young enthusiast wanting to gain a better understanding of our snakes, all the way to seasoned snake handlers interested in expanding their repertoire.

Unlike other books about our snakes, this Manual is aimed at snakes in disturbed environments around Australian cities and towns, rural properties, isolated mining camps and national parks. It gives details about catching methods and issues associated with translocating snakes, as well as the all-important understanding of snake bite first aid.

The Manual has a strong thread relating to snakes in New Zealand; a country devoid of terrestrial snakes but requiring specialist people having the knowledge and experience to catch them when they enter the country through various ports.

In addition you can gain a great understanding by exploring the biology and ecology of snakes, how they interact with humans, and how to identify and rectify potential hazards around the property.

Profusely illustrated with photos, diagrams and references, ‘Working with Snakes’ by Geoff Coombe is a valuable resource for anyone with interest in our snakes.

Living with Snakes in Australia