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“Since 2000 many individuals have ably assisted me with my training courses throughout Australia. These trips have ranged from as short as three days away in country South Australia to as long as three weeks interstate (e.g. in Western Australia)“.

”All trainers have been experienced with venomous snakes, but not all were keen to be involved in the presentation (theory) side of a training course.

However, their presence has been valuable for two reasons: to help ensure the safety of trainers and participants (two sets of experienced eyes and hands), and to enable us to split practical work into two groups for increased “contact” with the snakes.

One of the down sides of travelling widely in Australia is because live snakes are used on every course, we have had to get to the training site as soon as possible, and not delay coming home. Disappointing, as we would have liked to visit some of the country’s best known tourist attractions in the areas visited.

I am indebted to everyone who has assisted me on my trips, as none would have been possible without their presence.”

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575 training sessions delivered.
8010+ people trained (28 Jan 2021)

Since Living with Wildlife training programs commenced in 1993, there has never been a snakebite accident to a participant when Geoff Coombe has been the course presenter.