Events & Public Displays

Living with Wildlife and Adelaide Snake Catchers collaborate to bring some of Australia’s most venomous (and non-venomous) snakes together for major events and public displays.

UPCOMING EVENTS (details to follow):

  • Mt Pleasant Show, Mt Pleasant, March 2019
  • Adelaide Animal Expo, Wayville Showgrounds, April 2019
  • World Environment Fair, Wayville Showgrounds, June 2019
  • Royal Adelaide Show, Wayville Showgrounds, September 2019
  • Callington Show, Callington, October 2019
  • Uraidla Sustainability Fair, Uraidla, November 2019

For Events and public display enquiries please call 0408 105 508 or contact us via email.

Royal Adelaide Show
World Environment Fair
Adelaide Animal Expo
Uraidla Sustainability Fair
Callington Show
Mount Pleasant Show

Events & Public Wildlife Displays