Living With Snakes In Australia


A Guide for Visitors & Residents (68 pages)



Geoff Coombe has been working with Australian wildlife for nearly 50 years with a particular focus on venomous snakes. He got together with Rob Kiernan to create a book that gives readers a better understanding of snakes in Australia and how to live with them.

Living with Snakes in Australia was written especially for those planning a new life down under – but who are a little wary of our snakes.

And here’s a tiny glimpse of what you will discover:

  • Exactly which snakes are dangerously venomous and the areas they live in.
  • Which cities have the most and least dangerous snakes?
  • What exactly are the chances of getting bitten?
  • What exactly are the chances of that bite being fatal?
  • How to best prepare your backyard to deter snakes.
  • The dangers of snakes to your pets and how to best safeguard them.
  • Best first aid practices in the event of an unlikely bite.

… and much more.

Snake Bite KitWorking with Snakes - Geoff Coombe