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Ray-Ban sunglasses , then we should start from the aspects of college students , the crowd did notThis type of pressure from society , but there is enough money in the hands . You can alsoReferring to the above method , but some may not be suitable for some small items of interest . You canTry your shop ” moved into the campus .” Freshmen each year , the campus will haveMany stalls selling things , you can use some bundles. For example , Ray-Ban sunglassesMini towels, toothbrushes, wash basin , etc. , can also be high-priced mini bike. Of course,Depends on the quality of your glasses .

A good salesperson should wear suitable , enthusiastic service attitude, which is the most basic ,Another is to do some training , marketing for them and how to catch the customer’s Consumer psychology . Furthermore, the Commission states that the change to achieve Under turnover plus incentives , ” winning ” system turnover below a certain extentTo a certain extent on the dismissal deal , there are some salesperson competition Between . Of course, under normal circumstances, or to maintain the unity and harmony of the side, just The extent of which depends on the proper leader .

Because students do not spend a lot of glasses (which can be done based on the student survey results Appropriate price range ) , and also taking into account the competitive factors , some of which Can be considered low bid price of its sales student section dedicated contribution 20% of the similar products of other stores , and through advocacy emphasize that this is a student Price, student ID can enjoy the benefits.

Strengthen service management systems, consumer information registration,A month later, the initiative to call the restaurant and asked her to wear Ray-Ban sunglasses are Comfort , satisfaction and so on. For the type of goods purchased by consumers , the monthly Flyers and send relevant new Ray-Ban sunglasses eyewear fashion information ( can be sent via e-mail), Its purpose is to allow consumers to first evaluate the shop , which will help spreadBrand ; second is to improve subscription rates for consumers.

Ray-Ban sunglasses store physical environment must mean a fast , efficient service. Appearance andInterior design companies to achieve their shops, cleaning products , bright décorFurniture, layout and promotional materials , etc. should be carefully designed walkwaysThe overall plan to reorganize in order to create a better shopping environment.

If you include Ray-Ban sunglasses , the market demand is even more impressive now , with glasses personalized consumer , fashion, brand , gentrification increasingly significant , glasses have been given more features, according to business description almost every month a new listing of Ray-Ban sunglasses, which spawned further expand the Australian eyewear market .

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Investment in the end how much optical shop, how the market, whether there is profiteering, how should shop location, how to find sources, etc. For each of these factors I believe people want to open a shop of glasses undoubtedly are particularly want to know. Here, as a domestic leader in the field of career guidance SBH deliberately visited a number of optical shops, optical shops and experiential training in the store Cao synergy, the issues of concern to these entrepreneurs do an analysis, hoping to help the majority of who desire to engage in the industry.

Optical shops mainly in the larger initial investment, for the general store, the device usually say 30,000, purchase a large shop 30000, shop 1-2 million, 1-2 million renovation,
rent is based on store size and different local conditions vary, the minimum investment 100 000 you can have one of their own optical shop, a month after that replenishment and labor and other costs, about a month ranging from a few thousand to ten thousand yuan, the cost of follow-up was not great.

Profits mainly from glasses glasses shop sales, general store average product margins at
around 10 times, according to the different positioning, luxury store profits can be higher. Of course, since the owner to rely on glasses big money-margin products, sales in general is not so open optical shops generally more relaxed. This is also why we see a lot
of optical shops deserted, but the cause is still the boss can be a long-run lies.

Almost everyone needs, myopia Chinese young students, children now ranks second in the world, myopia 28%, 60% junior high myopia, myopia is 85% of high school students, college students myopia was 90% (available online data) while, if not myopic also wearing
sunglasses, plain glass spectacles and reading glasses. The frequency of replacement
glasses are generally once a year, some people shop when the glasses even more decorations, but most customers will buy your product continues after you there in two, three consumption, and even become your lifelong customers, so the market is actually quite extensive.

Cities now generally close to saturation, the downtown section has been occupied almost all optical shop, rent costs are higher, entrepreneurs need more money and a good management approach, it is recommended that entrepreneurs generally be considered in the area around or two cities operate it would be easier to shop, there is a large market.

Now open optical shop technology generally is not difficult to master, basically automation, and more are some of the sales skills to learn, so there is no Gehangrugeshan concerns. While training like we SBH, half the time the shop will be able to master all the skills.

Future development of large optical shop, as basic necessities, like never eliminated, so you can always shop development, expansion, development model family as long as you can stick with it, there must be money.

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Australia online shop, generally refers to open-shelf display merchandise, customer self-service, payment once settled, operating fresh food, grocery products based operators. Is a consumer self-service, a la carte sales open retail businesses. To distribute food and necessities, it was developed after World War II, the first rise in Europe, now more than a dozen countries in Europe have been supermarket 200,000. Etymology: translated from the store, “shop” as a suffix, primitive characters from Japanese loanwords. 1866 Zhang Deyi the Paris store is called “shop or shop shop” (“Nautical described odd”). “Store” to close at hepburn, 1886.

Australia  shop , generally refers to open-shelf display merchandise , customer self-service , payment once settled, operating fresh food, grocery products based operators. Is a consumer self-service, a la carte sales open retail businesses. To distribute food and necessities , it was developed after World War II , the first rise in Europe , now more than a dozen countries in Europe have been supermarket 200,000 . Etymology : translated from the store, ” shop” as a suffix , primitive characters from Japanese loanwords . 1866 Zhang Deyi the Paris store is called ” shop or shop shop” ( ” Nautical described odd” ) . ” Store” to close at hepburn, 18 stores in general distribution of food and necessities , which is characterized mainly:

① puerile, basically operating under low commodity salesman ;
② goods in small packaging, marked components , specifications and prices ;
③ with trolley or basket of goods , customer choice of goods ;
④ out a settlement payment .
Early food-based stores , and the sale of a small amount of groceries ; currently addition to the above also in charge of cosmetics, stationery, hardware, clothing , etc., up to seventy-eight thousands of products, comprehensive services currently provided to the development of additional parking , cafes , clubs , cinemas and banking, insurance , postal services and other facilities , has developed rapidly, the Japanese department store supermarket sales have exceeded .

Store packaging , truly become a ” silent salesman ,” the salesman introduced to replace the current commodity , so the packaging has introduced trade names, uses , origin, usage, quantity and characteristics of the price function .

Province (save labor and labor expenses)
Province (take advantage of the business area)
Money (saving investment)
Saving time (do not line up, simple procedures)
Clean (especially the non-staple food, vegetables, tea)
In terms of spending habits , 79% of the Australiaan population mainly to the supermarket everyday purchases . Water and soil are mainly women , accounting for 60% , as elsewhere , often ask much less the actual purchase. Supermarket promotional products, particularly by consumers to patronize . More and more customers prefer to buy in cash , by credit card is decreasing in recent years, with a credit card to supermarket shoppers fell by 30%. Although Australiaans shopping brand value , but pay more attention to price . When buying branded goods , mostly focused on one of their favorite brands , and are used to , there is little change.

With the expansion of foreign exchange , the Australiaan supermarket imported goods are increasing year by year , the proportion of imported goods 15 years ago was only 0.75% , has increased to 10 %.

No shortage of Chinese goods in the Australiaan supermarket shelves , which spun textiles, clothing, hardware , kitchenware, footwear, luggage accounted for a large share. Although most goods brand licensing for foreign goods, but happily, brand-name products such as home appliances , ” Haier” has entered the Australiaan supermarkets and large department stores in recent years. I believe that with the inexpensive but high quality brand products are increasingly being understood by the people of Australia , there will be more Chinese brand-name goods appear on supermarket shelves in Australia.